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    West Challow Parish Council had it's first meeting in the School Room on Tuesday, 4th December 1894. It's aims were to "endeavour to exercise fairness to all".

    Parish Council Responsibilities

    1. To look after the interests of the Parish where it is empowered to do so, and drawing other needs to the attention of the relevant authorities, for example, any road problems are passed to Oxfordshire Highways department. The Council also responds to consultation from other authorities.
    2. To look after and maintain Parish property.
    3. The Parish Council expresses their views on planning applications to the Vale of White Horse District Council. They do not have any authority to make decisions on planning matters.
    4. To take responsibility for the rights of way, for example footpaths and bridleways through the Parish in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council..

    The Council charges VWHDC for the money it needs to carry out its responsibilities. This amount is shown on the Council Tax bill and is known as the precept. This figure is set by the Parish Council each year when fixing the annual budget. The West Challow Parish Council, by law, must meet a minimum of 4 times a year but usually meets 6 or 7 times. This includes the Annual Parish Council Meeting.

    The Council normally meets in the Village Hall at 7:30pm; dates are published on this website and the village notice board. Agendas for forthcoming meetings and minutes from past meetings may also be accessed on this website.

    Parish Councillors


    Cllr Andy Smith


    New Barn, West Challow. OX12 9TN


    Cllr James Vaughan-Fowler


    The Old Hall, West Challow. OX12 9TN


    Cllr Phil Lacey


    Marsden House, West Challow. OX12 9TJ


    Cllr Rupert Adams


    Vokins Barn, Silver Lane, West Challow. OX12 9TN

    Responsible Financial Officer (RFO): Alastair Barclay, 2 Orchard Gardens, West Challow. OX12 9TL

    Under the Localism Act, Parish Councillors' register of interest forms must be publicly available and can be accessed via this link under West Challow.

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