Annual Litter Blitz and Sweet Fuels 500L Draw

A message from Colin and Sally Powell

We will be offering 500 litres of fuel oil (courtesy of Sweetfuels) at the annual draw to take place at “Fortytwo” Orchard Gardens at 10-00 am on the 2nd March.  Please check that you have placed an order and paid for your fuel before the end of the current 12 month purchasing window (March 1st 2018 to February 28th 2019).  To win you must have bought at least 500 litres during this current specified date.  I will liaise with Sweetfuels to ensure you qualify for the draw by the end of February.

With regard to the annual “Litter Blitz”, Sally and I will check to see whether this is necessary for the third time in a row.  Many thanks to the villagers who prevent a build up of rubbish and keep our village clean.  You know who you are!!!   If a “blitz” is deemed necessary we will send out another “plea for help” later this month.

If you have any questions please call us on 764101 and good luck in the draw.  Believe it or not we have run this draw for nearly twenty years.