Broadband Update – September 2018

An update from Jean and Eoin Lees

As we said to [the Parish Council] on 3 Sept, we would chase BT Openreach with more details on information and timing.
Once again we copied our email to Ed Vaizey who within 17 minutes added his own comments to the group email to BT “Let’s hope it’s good news!”. Later that evening we had a response from BT Openreach who say “we are currently carrying out the testing and commissioning and records alignment which is unfortunately a lengthy process”.
No timescales were given but they promised to let us know the progress by Friday 21 September.
So as well as being amazed about how long it takes to do the small number of houses in West Challow, at the pedestrian speed of BT Openreach, it looks like the villagers will be unlikely to have faster broadband until at least the end of September.
If we have not heard by Friday 21 September, then we will write again to BT Openreach and copy to Ed Vaizey.

The Parish Council would like to thank Eoin and Jean for their continued support and tremendous efforts to secure faster broadband for the village.