Road Ahead Closed signage

Closure of A417 Feb 13-18th between Woodhill Lane and beyond Haynes

Paul Barrow, our District Councillor, has received the following information from Highways:

The work is to address the long term drainage problem on the A417 between Woodhill Lane and beyond Haynes.

The work will connect the Highway Drainage to the deep surface water sewer in the junction of Woodhill Lane because the surface water drainage leading to the Woodhill Lane which is beneath private land is badly damaged.

The road closure is essentially a point closure which will encompass the junction of Woodhill Lane, so will affect the residents down Woodhill Lane the most. Due to where the excavation will be, residents of Woodhill Lane will only have one way in or out, and at a certain point that will switch over to coming in and out from the other direction. Drivers will be advised by the Site Operative looking after the Road Closure side of things.  As far as through traffic on the A417, absolutely no traffic except emergency vehicles will get access through. And access to Haynes Yard will only be possible from the Faringdon side.

Best wishes


Dr Paul Barrow

Ridgeway Ward

Vale of White Horse District Council