Faster Broadband for West Challow

A message from Jean and Eoin Lees

The moment has arrived!  We received this email today from BT Openreach:

“Further to my email of last week I’m pleased to be able to say that this cabinet is now accepting orders.  Once again I’m extremely sorry for the delays, providing fibre is technically challenging and there can sometimes be setbacks causing a delay with our expected completion dates. The residents of West Challow need  to contact their chosen Service Providers  to place their orders.”

The actual broadband speed that can be achieved on your phone line will depend on your location within the village but this can easily be checked by putting in your post code and telephone number into any of the broadband service provider websites.  You will not automatically receive faster broadband until you have signed up for a package with faster broadband speeds appropriate to your needs.

Enjoy your faster broadband!

Best wishes

Jean & Eoin,