SSEN New transformer for West Challow

In the last few months SSEN have been in regular contact but progress has been slower than anticipated. The good news is that SSEN have approved at all levels an additional pole transformer to augment the existing electricity supply for West Challow. Following the sale of the fields of Manor Farm, there have been delays in securing permission from the new owners to site the new transformer. However permission has now been obtained to site the new transformer in a field opposite Manor Farm. Having passed all the financial hurdles within SSEN, the final step is procuring a transformer to meet the SSEN standards and regulatory requirements. There appears to be a delay of up to 12 weeks for SSEN to source and take delivery of an appropriate transformer. Needless to say we have stressed the urgency in getting this time frame shortened and we have reminded SSEN that we do not want another Christmas spoilt with frequent power cuts. We have been promised another update in 2 weeks.
Jean & Eoin Lees