photo of truss towers

SSEN update 2nd December 2021

Since our last update, Kerry Viney (SSEN Networks Executive Complaints Officer) wrote to us on 29th November and answered many of the questions we had asked.  There was a power cut of nearly 3 hours on Tuesday 30 November which affected not only all of West Challow, but also the neighbouring villages and was due to a power line coming down.  Although not connected to West Challow’s supply problems, it is perhaps why Craig Rankin (Ridgeway Network Operations Manager) phoned us yesterday evening for the first time and during a constructive 45 minute phone call, confirmed the details of Kerry’s letter and answered some of the points that we had wanted to explore further.

Attached is a summary combining Craig’s call and Kerry’s email.

We are more reassured by these recent communications and believe SSEN are desperate to avoid us having another miserable Christmas period.  However, we will continue to request the data on electricity demand from each of the 6 wires that supply electricity round the village as we remember well from November 2019, when the new electricity poles were installed in Silver Lane, just how much an imbalance in the 3 phases can reduce the total current that a transformer can supply to our village.

Jean & Eoin Lees