black transmission towers under green sky

SSEN update January 2022

This is the latest communication from SSEN as regards improving and increasing the electricity supply for West Challow:
Jean & Eoin Lees

Email from SSEN:
” I can confirm that load balancing amendments on the network have been ongoing in the New Year along with voltage recorders installed yesterday to monitor these adjustments and continue to try and narrow down the location of the load issue.
Regarding the second phase of reinforcement which is determined by landowner consents I can confirm that there has been some movement on this with, we have obtained quotations from third parties to carry out the consenting works on our behalf in order to secure our phase 2 plan. The plan is awaiting some further direction from our investment team so we can progress with the design element of this phase. I will continue to liaise with my contact in the Asset Management team on this matter and update you when I hear further on this. Unfortunately I do not have a timescale for this and I feel it is important to be open and honest with you on this matter however I will continue to push for updates and to make sure this keeps moving forward.
At this moment in time the load balancing issue being addressed and fixed will make a huge impact in the short term while plans for phase 2 are in development and scheduled in.
I know this isn’t the complete reassurance you would have like to hear however we are continuing to have a focus and priority on this matter.”