blue LAN cable plugged in green and black router

West Challow fibre broadband update

The Parish Council is working with Oxfordshire County Council’s Digital Infrastructure Programme to ensure West Challow is part of the full fibre rollout whereby every home will be connected by fibreoptic cable to the network and benefit from increased reliability and massively faster connectivity.   

West Challow has been recently re-assessed by both Openreach (the part of BT responsible for BT’s UK telecoms network) and Airband (a fibre broadband company that is working in this part of Oxfordshire). Unfortunately, and despite what Openreach’s website says, West Challow is not part of either company’s fibre rollout. 

The OCC team is now trying to get us into the government backed scheme to connect harder to reach communities. If this is successful, then we will be added to the Gigaclear network. We have been told that while this should be successful there is currently no timeframe. Gigaclear is another fibre broadband company working in Oxfordshire and has been awarded a government contract to connect harder to reach communities). 

As part of the work to upgrade our SSE sub-station and improve the power supply to West Challow, SSE will be removing a number of telegraph poles from Silver Lane. Openreach will need to make alternative arrangements for the telephone cables that currently use the SSE poles. We do not know how this will be done – it might be via new poles or rerouting underground, probably whatever is the cheapest option. 

If you have any further questions or thoughts on either the fibre broadband rollout or the SSE sub-station works, please get in touch:


Ian Stern, on behalf of West Challow Parish Council.