black transmission towers under green sky

SSE – Update & confirmation of visit 1st December

Further to the last Q&A with SSE, we have some additional information:

– SSE will set up some load monitoring to check that the new sub-station will have sufficient capacity for the village.

– SSE will install sound insulation inside the sub-station housing.

– SSE state that their equipment is safe and compliant with UK EMF levels.

– SSE is working towards a standard colour for sub-station housing and this likely to be green.

– SSE will “try to use the existing hedge line and foliage to screen the new housing”. They think it will be less intrusive than the existing pole mounted transformer.

– “As the works will primarily be carried out within the field to the east of Silver Lane, SEPD do not need to notify anyone of the works. Out of courtesy, SEPD will liaise and inform … the Parish Council of the works. SEPD will endeavour to minimise any damage to the hedge lines, but depending on the works, SEPD may need to trim or remove some parts of the hedge line through the works. SEPD will be monitoring contractors throughout the works.”

SSE has confirmed they will visit West Challow at 2pm Friday 1st December. This meeting is open to all villagers. So we can manage the meeting logistics, please let us know ( ) if you intend coming and if you have any specific points you want to raise or have clarified (that have not already been satisfactorily answered). We will then confirm location.

A reminder that this issue will be discussed at the WCPC meeting at 8pm, Wednesday 29th November in the Village Hall. All are welcome to attend.